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Political Consulting Only for Progressive Candidates 

Providing political consulting ranging from candidate practice interviews, volunteer trainings, campaign security, or SMS messaging.  The Premium Package includes Andrew's strongest assets to help get elected which are:  developing the message, reaching voters, and growing the volunteer team.  The end result is higher fundraising totals and a more effective field campaign.

Mission ~

To provide you with unique and productive consulting by identifying your goals, clarifying your challenges, and addressing the problems.

Vision ~

To maximize my minutia of knowledge, communication skills, perception, intuition and spirit to bring fulfillment and productivity to people and organizations.

Value ~

To be honest in my opinions and analysis, loyal with total confidentiality in my service, trustworthy with the assurance of privacy, and respectful in the sharing of feelings and perspective in a safe manner, with the expectation of substantive results based on a mutual agreement of compensation.

Other Services:

Strategic Planning:

Organizational Development:


“Anything that Andrew puts his energy, talent and thought to becomes a transformed endeavor. It is not just his expertise in consulting others that wins the day for those he advises; it is also the passion and wisdom he brings with him in helping people and the communities in which they live and work.

It is this passion and farseeing knowledge he taps into that provide an outstanding moral compass and professional direction to attaining the goals, dreams and vision of those who seek his assistance. I recommend the work that he does as some of the finest I have ever witnessed in my career as an educator and as a locally elected town official.”


Dr. Keith Carreiro
Department of English,
Bridgewater State University


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Please send an email with some information about your campaign before calling.  The phone call is free.  Onward and Upward!  

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