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About Andrew

Andrew is a political consultant, community organizer, and media producer.  He excels at messaging and the art of volunteer recruitment and growth.

He has lived in Boston most of his life and in Roxbury’s Fort Hill community since 2007 and enjoys hosting guests at his off-grid farmhouse in Vermont where he proudly works his 1963 Gravely tractor.

He has taken courses with the Campaign Institute, Democracy for America, Swing Blue Alliance, People's Action, and recently completed two Best Practices Institute online courses in 2021 conducted by the Democratic National Committee.  He continues to research and learn best practices, recent developments, and successful tactics for electoral campaigns.

He is particularly skilled at assisting candidates with an honest and prompt analysis of their campaign including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within a comprehensive landscape assessment.  

Andrew’s background includes over 30 years of non-profit organizing and management.  From 1990 to 1994, he was a leader in the Boston Recycling Coalition and coordinated the monthly recycling drop-off center in the South End.  In 1994, Andrew lobbied for a $100,000 state grant that helped to successfully achieve the implementation of Boston’s curbside recycling program.  

In 1997, 1999, and 2002, Andrew was a candidate for President of the Hotel Workers Union Local #26 along with a slate of union activists.  In these campaigns, he organized multilingual outreach efforts, printed literature in five languages, filed numerous legal actions, and achieved multiple press hits.  In 2007, he led the creation of a tenants union in the South End that preserved affordable housing and tenant rights for over 140 apartments.

He has strategized for various media campaigns that achieved press coverage in print, radio, and television and has worked to support the labor movement, the environment, affordable housing, and social justice.  


This includes producing media on Boston Neighborhood Network and Somerville Media Center as a talk show host, debate moderator, and news anchor.  Andrew wrote, produced, and directed the documentary on Boston’s Mel King titled “The Power of Love” and has assembled a small team of talented artists to create great content for his clients.


Andrew spearheaded the Labor Media Project (LMP) as a dream after he worked for the Massachusetts AFL/CIO and his activism in his union.  The  LMP mission is to promote the benefits of labor unions everywhere in the media with quality content that engages, informs, and inspires.  This is an ongoing project and your support is warmly welcomed.  Please get in touch if are interested or go to  You can watch the promotional video here:

Andrew has also volunteered with Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) since 2018.  He led a volunteer recruitment drive that collected 200 names and contact info. in one day during the January, 2019 Women's March in Massachusetts and facilitated the volunteer sign up processes and valuable volunteer on-boarding material.  He also initiated an ORMA strategic planning working group that produced a comprehensive strategy for the organization to grow and thrive which was released in 2021.  To read the brief synopsis of the strategic planning findings for building a stronger and more effective progressive volunteer organization, go here:

Andrew continues his work as an elected member of the Boston Ward 9 Democratic Committee where he has promoted defending and advocating for democratic rights, civic engagement, Party transparency, and the advancement of a progressive Party platform.

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