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Political Consulting Packages only

for Progressive Candidates


Retainer (Assessment)

  • Review Campaign Plan and provide feedback

  • Discuss Campaign with Candidate and other Key Players

  • Landscape Assessment--shorter version

  • One on-camera (1 hour) Candidate coaching & practice interview with hard questions

  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

  • Assist with prioritizing tasks with measurable objectives



Valid for 3 months


Retainer (Assessment & Initial Planning)

  • All as described in package (A)

  • Assist Candidate with list development

  • Reviewing legal compliance based on local, state, and federal laws in that jurisdiction.

  • Coach and collaborate with Candidate to engage in personal fundraising phone calls to family and friends

  • Landscape Memo--detailed

  • Discuss & provide solutions to Weaknesses in the SWOT Analysis

  • Propose edits to Campaign Plan or help develop a basic draft

  • Draft suggested feedback loops at all levels of the campaign

  • One Training (1.5 hours)--How to Run a Better Meeting



Valid for 3 months


Retainer (Assessment, Initial Planning, & Next Steps)

  • All as described in packages (A) & (B)

  • Draft long term measurable goals and tasks in the Campaign Plan for fundraising, volunteer recruitment,communications field, and voter contact and reach.

  • Two Meetings (1.5 hours each)---Facilitate dialogue among candidate and key players and Kitchen Cabinet to reach consensus

  • Coach the Candidate for on-camera performance and staying on message

  • Opposition research of opponent/s

  • Review and propose digital security best practices

  • Assist with professional website development

  • One Training (1.5 hours)---How to Recruit Volunteers and Grow the Campaign Team

  • Prioritize suggested staff and volunteer positions*



Valid for 3 months

Premium Package

Initial Retainer (Ongoing Political Consulting)

  • All as described in package (A), (B), & (C).  It includes communications, messaging, and volunteer growth that will lead to a better field campaign and higher fundraising totals.  Please see more details in the Premium Package description below.



Valid for 3 months


Premium Package


The Premium Package is offered in conjunction and addition to the Gold Package and is based on an agreement to the Consultant’s fundamental approach to the campaign;  developing the message, reaching voters, and volunteer growth.

The Consultant will collaborate and assist with all areas of the campaign, especially Communications and Volunteer Coordination (including Digital & Social Media recruitment, Distributed Organizing, Deep Canvassing, and Relational Organizing)

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


An effective communications campaign develops the best message possible, stays on message, and reaches voters and volunteers.  The Consultant will provide the reasoning for the proposed communications strategy and tactics for the campaign based on the best available facts, polls, demographics, geographics, and landscape assessment. More importantly, the approach taken is to effectively promote progressive campaigns with messaging that understands the importance of emotions and touches voter’s hearts.  This includes outlining the Candidate’s values and helping to create branding, framing, talking points, key words, slogans, phrases to avoid, etc.  The Consultant will assist in how the campaign reaches voters using a diversified media portfolio.  

This includes the development of palm cards, signs, stickers, social media, earned media, paid media on radio or tv, paid social media, SMS, emails, and other creative tactics such as Guerrilla campaigns.  The most recent developments for OTT & CTV will be provided as important options to deploy.

Each campaign will have a different media battlefield.  For some communities, AM radio may be effective, and for others it may be targeted ads on Facebook.  The consulting provided includes assisting in reaching voters most effectively in their market and in that voter universe. As the campaign website is the central hub for all campaign activity, the Consultant will strive to assist in creating the best possible website for the least cost.


Persuading Voters & Growing the Volunteer Team

All voter programs such as VAN allow candidates to coordinate and track volunteers throughout the campaign and is a great tool to manage volunteer growth.  Face to face voter contact is the most effective tactics to win over persuadable voters.  Phone contact is the second most effective tactic.  This also applies to volunteer recruitment and how the campaign can grow with a good candidate and a clear, concise, and convincing message.  As the message is developed, a volunteer recruitment script and plan will be developed. Using that message, training volunteers, casting a wide net, and practicing constant recruitment tactics, a campaign can recruit many more people if you provide many more choices for volunteer opportunities.

This is a different approach compared to other progressive campaigns that focus more on door knocking and phone banking.  Let volunteers choose what they are good at or enjoy.  But more than that, building relationships will be foremost to recruiting volunteers which means a lot of one on ones and more. Campaign Deep Canvassing requires higher time investment in its initiation, but growth can be exponential.


Volunteer recruitment and retention will be separate from the Field campaign, and a Volunteer Coordinator prioritized as a paid position.  Volunteer organizing best practices materials will be provided, shared, and trainings will continue throughout the campaign.


  • Propose campaign strategy based on Message and Landscape

  • Coach the Candidate for on-camera performance and staying on message

  • Drafting and sending press releases or advisories

  • Develop the Message:  suggestions for messaging, branding, themes, key words, talking points, and possible slogans

  • Implement focus group testing of messaging content and spending on polling when budgets allow

  • Maximize the deployment of OTT & CTV  where budgets allow

  • Drafting scripts and materials for volunteer recruitment and Deep Canvassing

  • Create video content that can maximize viral spread

  • Campaign podcast, video, talk format programming 

  • Earned Media

  • Guerrilla Messaging Tactics

  • Developing multilingual content

  • Draft Press Releases and Press Advisories

  • Negotiate ad buys on Mainstream Media

  • Developing and implementing effective messaging tactics that reach voters through social media, MSM, on the airwaves, and on the street.

Volunteer Recruitment
and Growth
  • Trainings (1.5 hours each)  Deep Canvassing

  • Trainings (1.5 hours each)  Voter Engagement

  • Provide guidance for volunteer recruitment opportunities and oversee in maximizing the recruitment potential at any level, event, or component of the campaign (will work in close collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator)

  • Monitoring Volunteer Morale

  • Maximize volunteer recruitment opportunities 

  • Develop fundraising strategy

  • Propose campaign budget

  • Draft scripts and materials for fundraising appeals

  • Cultivating lists of potential donors

  • Assist in the development of fundraising appeal videos


  • Turnout projections

  • Campaign targeting

  • Trainings (1.5 hours each)  the use of VAN, Mini-VAN, and Action Network

  • Draft scripts for voter contact

  • Timeline for Direct Mail

  • Assist with developing campaign materials, palm cards, walk packets, MSM 

  • Additional Consulting Options:
    • Opposition research

    • Micro internship

    • Scrub of personal data

    • Web accessibility guide for blind or deaf voters

    • Pier to pier

    • Cell phone vs. home phone

    • Drafting policy papers

    • Assist with endorsement questionnaires 

    • Crisis management

    • Database management

    • Legal compliance 

    • Creating and producing TikTok content

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