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Political Consulting Packages only

for Progressive Candidates


Retainer (Assessment)

  • Review Campaign Plan and provide feedback

  • Discuss Campaign with Candidate and other Key Players

  • Landscape Assessment--shorter version

  • One on-camera (1 hour) Candidate coaching & practice interview with hard questions

  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

  • Assist with prioritizing tasks with measurable objectives



Valid for 3 months


Retainer (Assessment & Initial Planning)

  • All as described in package (A)

  • Assist Candidate with list development

  • Reviewing legal compliance based on local, state, and federal laws in that jurisdiction.

  • Coach and collaborate with Candidate to engage in personal fundraising phone calls to family and friends

  • Landscape Memo--detailed

  • Discuss & provide solutions to Weaknesses in the SWOT Analysis

  • Propose edits to Campaign Plan or help develop a basic draft

  • Draft suggested feedback loops at all levels of the campaign

  • One Training (1.5 hours)--How to Run a Better Meeting



Valid for 3 months


Retainer (Assessment, Initial Planning, & Next Steps)

  • All as described in packages (A) & (B)

  • Draft long term measurable goals and tasks in the Campaign Plan for fundraising, volunteer recruitment,communications field, and voter contact and reach.

  • Two Meetings (1.5 hours each)---Facilitate dialogue among candidate and key players and Kitchen Cabinet to reach consensus

  • Coach the Candidate for on-camera performance and staying on message

  • Opposition research of opponent/s

  • Review and propose digital security best practices

  • Assist with professional website development

  • One Training (1.5 hours)---How to Recruit Volunteers and Grow the Campaign Team

  • Prioritize suggested staff and volunteer positions*



Valid for 3 months

Premium Package

Initial Retainer (Ongoing Political Consulting)

  • All as described in package (A), (B), & (C).  It includes communications, messaging, and volunteer growth that will lead to a better field campaign and higher fundraising totals.  Please see more details in the Premium Package description below.



Valid for 3 months


Premium Package


The Premium Package is offered in conjunction and addition to the Gold Package and is based on an agreement to the Consultant’s fundamental approach to the campaign;  developing the message, reaching voters, and volunteer growth.

The Consultant will collaborate and assist with all areas of the campaign, especially Communications and Volunteer Coordination (including Digital & Social Media recruitment, Distributed Organizing, Deep Canvassing, and Relational Organizing)